Pelion offers many activities all year round, walking, mountain biking, horse riding, sea canyoning or boat tour. How important is the endless pathswere built for years, which are a paradise for walkers. Thus have the opportunity to the visitor find what seeks to become one with nature.
Flora and Fauna of Pelion Stay Greece
The diversity of the ecosystem of Pelion, which includes coastal areas, plains, and mountains, helps develop environmental tourism activities such as bird watching and animals, gathering herbs and fruits etc. Pelion is verdant and fertile place, with interesting biodiversity and a large aquifer that supports the flora and fauna and is supported by a temperate, Mediterranean climate. The ecological value of Pelion lies in the diversity of habitats. The area combines the dense forest vegetation - evergreen and riverine forests - and the advanced Mediterranean shrublands (maqui).

Overall in the region appear 3 vegetation zones and habitats have won 14. The flora of Pelion is rich in common, at least 620, and includes many aromatic herbs-over 50, have so far recorded 23 Greek endemic and rare species. The environmental quality and ecological importance of the area of Pelion set of important ecological, economic, historical and aesthetic qualities. The ecological value lies in the diversity of habitats in good to excellent condition and structure conservation supporting species-rich communities. The area combines the dense forest vegetation - evergreen and riverine forests - and developed maqui. The flora is rich in Pelion common species, a fact known since ancient times, particularly with regard to medicinal herbs (in mythology Pelion lived the wise centaur Chiron healer) but includes endemic and rare types